Alumni Connect!

Increasingly the bonds of academic friendship between Germany, North America and Canada are becoming evident by way of joint ventures between scholars and institutions, research partnerships, and study abroad programs. In December of 2010 GUA launched Alumni Connect, a program that aims to renew your relationship with the university and other alumni across United States and Canada.

We are committed, by way of programs and events to bring to you a platform for discussion, social interaction as well as exchange of information and resources. It is the organization's goal to bring to every alumnus and alumna in North America a strong social network and no cost or low cost events. The only thing we ask for is your time, input, active participation and interest!  If you have any questions or want to organize/attend an event in your area please write us at nayar[at]


As Alumni Connect is still evolving, we hope that you will utilize other organizations and their events calendar, to meet with each other and partake in German related activities!

Please let us know by email nayar[at] if you plan on attending any events on the East Coast.

If time permits, we would like to stop by and say hello! 

Resources for Related Newsletter and Cultural Calendars is Available by Clicking Here 

Alumni Talk - Carsten Tams

"The Alumni Connect Wine Tasting Dinner was great, thank you so much for organizing. Great venue and food, amazing wine, explained to us by a very knowledgeable sommelier, and - above all - a truly wonderful collection of people that we would otherwise never have met if not thanks to the event you put together. Looking forward to the encore!

Jennifer Mensch


Recent publication by LMU alumnus Jennifer Mensch

Offsetting a study of Kant’s theory of cognition with a mixture of intellectual history and biography, Kant’s Organicism offers readers an accessible portrait of Kant’s scientific milieu in order to show that his standing interests in natural history and its questions regarding organic generation were critical for the development of his theoretical philosophy.

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