Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Their Stories 

Our alumni shared with us their experiences at Freie Universität Berlin and LMU Munich. 


Post-Doctoral Researcher 

Dr. Heléna Tóth (Hungary) worked on a book project on the history of secular rites of passage in East Germany and Hungary as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at LMU Munich.

I have benefited tremendously from working in Munich as a researcher. LMU Munich provides a stimulating intellectual environment, where I have been able to exchange ideas both with German scholars and scholars from abroad. Getting to know a different academic culture has definitively broadened my horizon as a scholar.
— Dr. Heléna Tóth
Although it was a challenge at first, after getting used to the language, academic culture, and the city, it became so comfortable and fun for me. I had amazing and helpful professors, met new friends from Germany and all over the world, and was able to practice my German skills everyday. By the end of my semester, I was so sad that my time in Munich and at LMU had come to an end.
— Meredith Nuber
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JYM student 

Meredith Nuber studied at LMU Munich with the Junior Year in Munich (JYM) program. Upon graduation, she returned to Munich for two years with the Fulbright Teaching Fellowship. She is currently pursuing her Master's in International Education. 

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BCGS student

Miranda Arakelian, current senior at Columbia University '17, studied at Freie Universität during her junior year with Berlin Consortium for German Studies (BCGS).

During my time at the FU/ with BCGS I really embraced the academic culture of Germany, which was so different from that of my home institution. I was really excited by the prospect of writing Hausarbeiten, which were incredible opportunities to do independent academic research and write about a topic of my choice. I found that the freedom of the German system fostered my academic research skills and helped prepare me for the senior thesis I wrote after returning to the US.
— Miranda Arakelian