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Master's Degree Program

Freie Universität Berlin  (Image Credit: Peter Himsel) 

Freie Universität Berlin (Image Credit: Peter Himsel) 

Master’s Programs represent an in-depth academic supplement to the bachelor’s degree. You can either continue with the subject of your Bachelor program or you can choose a different discipline allowing you to develop new skills and professional opportunities. While the master’s degree will give you an edge on the job market and may enhance your promotion prospects, it can also be a step towards pursuing an academic career. 

Application Process

A general requirement for applying to a Master program is a Bachelor’s degree – it’s important to know that not every undergraduate degree qualifies you for every Master Program. In many cases it depends on the previous field of study. You also have to prove that you are qualified, how you have to prove this varies, it could either be through an excellent undergraduate grade, or through a selection process, or an exam. Deadline applications also vary depending on start of program in the winter semester or summer semester.


To apply to a Master’s Program at Freie Universität, make sure you have received your final grades for your undergraduate studies, before applying with uni-assist, the application portal the university uses. An official transcript (graduation certificate) will also be required. 


To apply to a Master’s Program with LMU Munich, you must apply directly to the specific Master’s Program office and the International Affairs Office by the respective deadlines. For more detailed instructions, you will find the contact information in the Guide for International Students.

Helpful Tips and Resources for Graduate studies 

English-Taught Programs

Freie Universität and LMU Munich have over 20 English Master Degree Programs. The growing number of programs taught entirely in English and the mostly tuition free education create a gateway for international students to obtain a graduate education in Germany without accruing debt. 

Double Degree Programs 

Freie Universität and LMU Munich collaborate with international universities to increase opportunities for students to acquire a more diverse portfolio of education in different settings. 

Many of the double degree programs are in English, but some of these programs require proficiency in German and another language. 

LMU Campus  (Image Credit: LMU) 

LMU Campus (Image Credit: LMU) 


More information on financing your studies can be found at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) database.