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LMU Research Fellow Leads Junior Research Group on Pre-Modern Objects

Art historian Dr. Phillipe Cordez is leading a unique Junior Research Group focused on the study of "Pre-Modern Objects". While the objects Cordez studies may appear to be everyday items to many of us, such as combs and books, when the object is made of ivory from the Early and the High Middle Ages or once belonged to Charlemagne, the historical interest of the object duly changes.  Across time and space, objects' use and significance changes with religious, political, and social contexts. The antique objects Cordez studies thus raise interesting questions such as "What are objects when they are not regarded as objects?". For Cordez, this question was the start of his innovative research saying that "When it first dawned on me that something as apparently evident as our everyday, three-dimensional objects could provoke such a question, I was quite astonished. For the question itself implies that people can have highly diverse relationships with what we now call objects". 

Beginning at LMU as a Research Fellow in 2013, Cordez quickly created a Junior Research Group, with funding from the Elite Network Group of Bavaria, devoted to the study of pre-modern objects. Cordez now integrates his work as a research fellow with his leadership in the research group. The group's latest project is "Objects in the Form of Books" explores how and why a book shape was involved in the creation of 50 objects, many of which come from museums in Europe and North America. 

To read more about Cordez's research at the intersection of art history and pre-modern objects, read the full article here.

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