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Freie Universität Berlin's Startup Incubator moves to historic location

As a major European tech capital, Berlin is home to well over a hundred coworking spaces, along with six major startup accelerator and incubator programs. Each of these has its own perks, from seasoned industry mentors to 3D printers and free yoga. But one incubator, housed at a former post-WWII American army club house, has a unique selling point that other organizations can’t claim: a location at the heart of cutting-edge scientific research.

Freie Universität Berlin’s campus-based startup incubator Profund Innovation has found a new home at Altensteinstraße 40, a building steeped in history. Built in 1912, it was first home to the Royal Astronomical Calculatio, before being rechristened ‘Melodie’ by its new occupants, American soldiers after the Second World War. In the latter part of the 20th Century, the building played host to the Friedrich Meinecke Institute, university management, and finally to institutes of Islamic and Religious studies.

Today, the building in Dahlem is a hub for innovation. DearEmployee, a startup bridging healthtech and HR founded by former FU research associate Dr. Amelie Wiedemann, has already moved in. They are joined by Quantum on Demand, a startup literally accelerating scientific research by making molecular and material simulation 10 times faster, and Inspirient, an AI-powered business analytics startup, among others.

Just a few minutes away from the Institute of Chemistry and a number of other scientific research institutes, Profund Innovation will soon gain another forward-thinking neighbor –the FUBIC technology and startup center, currently being built where a US military hospital once stood.

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Read the press release to find out more about Profund Innovation, or visit their website.

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