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Politics and Hybrid Media Systems - New Junior Research Group at LMU Munich

In the past decade, movements across the globe have revealed the internet to be major shaping force on political processes, for better or for worse.

But how exactly does digital media drive political mobilization, and why? What might this mean for the future of politics? ‘DigiDeMo’, a new Junior Research Group at LMU, will receive funding of up to 1.25 million Euros over the next five years to find answers to these questions.

Based at LMU’s Institute of Communication Science, and led by Dr. Jörg Haßler, ‘DigiDeMo’ will tackle the mechanisms and consequences of digital democratic mobilization in hybrid media systems with an interdisciplinary approach.

By blending classical sociological models with new insights from information science, the research group will analyze the impact of political content online on how we formulate and articulate our political views. This in turn could give us a better grasp of how digital modes of communication could not only spark sustained political engagement, but help us build more inclusive political processes too.

Read more about ‘DigiDeMo’ here.

Joanna PopeLMU Munich