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European Research Council Awards Advanced Grants to Three Principal Investigators at LMU

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Advanced Grants to three principal investigators at LMU.

Proposals submitted to the ERC by Professors Donald Dingwell, Karl-Peter Hopfner and Steffen Massberg have been chosen for funding in the latest round of ERC grants. Each investigator receives an Advanced Grant. Both Donald Dingwell and Karl-Peter Hopfner have now received two of these much sought-after research awards.

ERC Advanced Investigator Grants are each worth up to 2.5 million (in exceptional cases as much as 3.5 million) euros over 5 years, and are intended for established researchers in all disciplines who wish to undertake highly ambitious and innovative projects that promise to break new ground in their respective fields.

The recipients

Donald B. Dingwell holds the Chair of Mineralogy and Petrology in the Faculty of Geosciences at LMU. His research interests center on the physical processes that are responsible for volcanic eruptions and their consequences, including the impact of volcanic ash on the environment and human affairs.

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Karl-Peter Hopfner is Professor of Biochemistry at LMU‘s Gene Center. His research is devoted to the structural bases of gene regulation, DNA repair and the recognition of nucleic acids by the innate immune system.

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Steffen Massberg holds the Chair of Internal Medicine/Cardiology at LMU, and is the Director of Medical Clinic I at the LMU Medical Center. His research focuses on the role of the immune responses in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases. 

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