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Study and Research Opportunities

Doctoral Positions in Research Training Group "Advanced Medical Physics for Image-Guided Therapy"

Ideal candidates should hold a highly ranked Master of Science (MSc) in Physics, Biomedical Engineering or Informatics, be fluent in English, have knowledge of medical physics and possess technical proficiency, scientific creativity, fast adaptation to new problems and fruitful collaboration with international and multidisciplinary working teams. Prior experience in software programming and Linux and Windows operating systems is favorable.

Application Deadline: August 6, 2017

Katja SimonsLMU Munich
East and Southeast European Studies Research Opportunities (doctoral)

The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies offers the following doctoral positions: up to 3 positions as a research assistant – employment according to the German TV-L in part time (65 %) – and up to 3 PhD scholarships. Both opportunities are for applicants that are interested in pursuing independent doctoral research that focuses particularly on interrelations and interdependencies between East and Southeast Europe and other regions of the world.

Application Deadline: July 23, 2017

Joyce MaLMU Munich
Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies

The program promotes a new generation of young North American scholars with specialized knowledge of modern and contemporary Germany and Europe. It supports scholars in all social science and humanities disciplines, including historians working on the period since the mid-18th century. Fellowships are awarded for doctoral dissertation research as well as postdoctoral research which leads to completion of a monograph.


German Studies Association (GSA) – is the premier multi- and interdisciplinary association of scholars focused on German, Austrian, and Swiss history, literature, culture studies, political science, and economics. 

Application Deadline: October 1, 2017