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PhD Program at Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies

The Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies is an English-speaking cooperative doctoral program on international relations, offered by Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin), the Hertie School of Governance (Hertie School), and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center (WZB). With its open approach to international relations at the intersection of political science, economics, history, law, and sociology, the BTS looks at the most exciting changes and debates in an era of globalization and fragmentation.

The PhD programme consists of three years of study starting in September of each year. Students earn 180 credit points throughout the program. The bulk of the workload for candidates will take the form of independent thesis research. All candidates are required to successfully complete content-oriented survey courses, colloquia on research methods, and multidisciplinary skills workshops. Candidates will also be required to present the results of their research at research colloquia and at academic conferences.

Admission is open to graduates of master’s programs (or equivalent) in the social sciences, political science, international relations, sociology, economics, law, or related disciplines.

The application period begins December 1, 2017. The application deadline is January 31, 2018.

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