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Doctoral Program: Statistics - Theory and Methods of Empirical Modeling

Our main goal is to provide doctoral candidates with a perspective on the methodical foundations of Statistics that goes far beyond a specialization in the life, social or economic sciences or the humanities and to . institutionalize a scientific dialogue through interdisciplinary applications. This is to ensure that, going forward, we can rely on a common academic foundation and language as well as a diversity of methods for the description and modeling of uncertainty in various applications.

The function of statistics as a transdisciplinary bridge, and specifically the transfer of methods between projects in the natural (MC-Health, CHI) and social sciences (CEQURA, CEST), is provided with an institutional basis through this program.

A Master’s degree in Statistics, Informatics, Mathematics or a related discipline is required for the admission to this doctoral program. Exceptions can be made depending on individual qualifications.

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Katja SimonsLMU Munich