LMU Excellence Initiative!

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München has once again taken the top spot in the German Excellence Initiative: In the Second Phase of the competition all of the proposals submitted – for four new Graduate Schools, four Clusters and the Institutional Strategy – have been selected for funding, the German Research Foundation and the German Science Council announced today. LMU Munich will also play an important role in a Cluster of Excellence hosted by the Technical University of Munich.

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LMU's New Funding Mechanisms

LMUexcellent's second phase funding includes two dedicated endowments, the Investment Fund and the Junior Researcher Fund, designed to support research projects in all subject areas represented at LMU. Early-career researchers at the University are particularly encouraged to apply! 

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Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking 2012

In the latest edition of the World Reputation Ranking compiled by the Times Higher Education magazine, LMU has once again come out very well!

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QS World Ranking

LMU ranks 60 in the overall QS World Ranking 2012 - two places above from the 2011 ranking! In Natural Sciences it ranks 23, Arts & Humanities LMU ranks 31and Life Sciences and Medicine at 40 bringing Munich and Germany to the spotlight in some of the key fields and areas!

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LMU defends its top position

The results for the fifth year of the European Research Council’s funding programs show that LMU was again among the most successful competitors. Ten LMU researchers were awarded prestigious ERC grants, each worth around 2 million euros. Six of them received Advanced Investigator Grants and Starting Grants went to four others. The total amount of ERC funding acquired by applicants from LMU last year was approximately 19.5 million euros.

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LMU student helps secure European title

Germany’s women’s hockey team won the European Championship for the second time. LMU student Hannah Krüger was a member of the winning side.

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DFG-funded project at LMU

A new DFG-funded project at LMU sets out to analyze the impact of media content on people who suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.

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Sports-Related Head Injuries and Memory

A joint study conducted by researchers from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and Harvard University revealed possible long-term implications resulting from heading in soccer. The article is entitled "White Matter Integrity in the Brains of Professional Soccer Players without Symptomatic Concussion" and the results of this research are especially important for soccer-loving Germany, where Fussball is the leading national sport.
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Caring for the rare cases

“I want to be able to give my patients answers,” says Christoph Klein, LMU pediatrician and clinical researcher. He studies rare diseases, seeking to determine their causes and find experimental therapies. This takes time, but many of his patients have little to spare.

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Getting the result right

Is there a simple way to correctly predict the result of the upcoming general election in Germany? LMU’s Andreas Graefe has helped to develop a method that has performed impressively in US elections. But will it work in a German setting?

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New Graduate School

The new Graduate School for East and South East European Studies has been hard at work since last November, but its Official Opening is still to come. In his guest lecture on June 17th, Jochen Hellbeck, Associate Professor of History at Rutgers University in New Jersey and acclaimed author of “Stalingrad Protocols” will discuss “The Battle for Stalingrad – Soviet and European Perspectives” to mark the official opening of the school.

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Planning work for the Philologicum can begin

Bavarian Minister President Horst Seehofer, accompanied by Science Minister Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, paid a working visit to LMU Munich to discuss issues of mutual interest with the University’s Executive Board and with faculty members.

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Methodological analysis of study designs

For scientific and ethical reasons, researchers must give careful consideration to the numbers of patients used in clinical trials. Researchers have now analyzed the procedures for sample size determination given in original protocols submitted to Ethics Committees. Their results have just appeared.

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On wings of light

LMU physicists have, for the first time, successfully transmitted a secure quantum code through the atmosphere from an aircraft to a ground station.

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LMU Press

LMU's Communications and Media Relations office serves as the interface between the university and the public. They provide domestic and international media with news and background information on the latest developments in courses of study, teaching programs, research, and university life at LMU. They are also the primary point of contact for journalists wishing to report on the university. LMU's Communications and Media Relations office advises the institutions of LMU on all aspects of public relations and communication, as well as on corporate design and corporate wording.

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