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The high quality of research at Freie Universität Berlin is reflected in its outstanding performance in academic rankings. One of the essential features of the research done at Freie Universität is the sheer breadth of research in the humanities and social sciences, which is found nowhere else in Germany. 

Research at Freie Universität Berlin  (Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher )

Research at Freie Universität Berlin (Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher)

Areas of research focus promote dialogue between society at large and the academic and research sector. In the natural sciences, the university focuses on life and earth sciences and on physics, mathematics, and computer science. Embedded in this broad research spectrum are the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Germany’s largest pharmacy education institution.

The university has also developed particular areas of focus for its research. Based on these focus areas research alliances have been established across interdisciplinary networks. They pool together major scientific and academic core competencies in research.


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The large number of partnerships and exchange agreements the university maintains for academic and scientific projects means that Freie Universität is able to host many international visiting scholars and scientists year after year. The university provides information and support so that visiting scholars and scientists can prepare for and organize their own stays here.


Dual Career & Family Service supports students and families as well as partners of newly appointed professors at Freie Universität Berlin.